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December Farmers’ Markets: Regular & Twilight!

Posted in Movements by Kate Archdeacon on December 3rd, 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

December Update:

There’s no holding back now; Summer is officially here. Whether you’re feeling overwrought with deadlines and over-commitments or lucky enough to have the headspace and to dream about a little lie down sometime over the public holidays coming up, the year’s end is screaming towards us!

Don’t forget we have a couple of twilight markets coming up at the end of the month at Veg Out and Slow Food, as well as your regular Veg Out, Collingwood and Gasworks markets for December.


The very fickle year continues; just when it seems Winter’s finally let up, we get this rain! And for producers so desperate for rain in the last decade, the irony is that for some, so much has been a disaster!

Stone fruit is very susceptible to heat and moisture so just as it is ripening, the last thing it needs is moisture and humidity, and it’s had both which means splitting fruit and potential for rot. The combination also brings out pests in huge numbers which makes young vegetable seedlings very vulnerable. And equally, wind plays havoc with cellular plants like broad beans laden with its heavy crop.

But in good news, there are bumper crops of other produce; all the berries are just around the corner, spuds are nearly ready to dig, garlic is everywhere, first sightings of zucchini, capsicums etc and there’s so much to be thankful for!

This Christmas be sure to get your orders in early, make sure you come along and do your farmers’ market festive shopping and help us make up for another tough year.


Public holidays and the reality of successful markets have meant we have made a few changes. The market dates are as follows:

Veg Out Saturday 4 December
Collingwood Saturday 11 December
Gasworks Saturday 18 December as normal, then…
Veg Out Wednesday 22nd December 4 – 8pm
Slow Food Thursday 23rd December 3 – 8pm
No Veg Out FM in January but then back to the normal routine.

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