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Announcing the Growlocal initiative

Posted in Movements by greenthumb on September 11th, 2007

As our market orientated way of life has reduced our everyday relations to the question of want and its satisfaction what we can do to address this impoverishment becomes pressing as the consequences of our rampant consumerism becomes increasingly apparent. Issues of environmental degradation and waste bear down on us with the imperative of a solution, one lightens ones ecological footprint in response, yet does such remedial action address the underlining cause of these maladies or do we rather conceal from ourselves meaningful change in gestures as we maintain the everyday relations that service our wants reduction? For we may reduce our consumption, localize its sourcing whilst still substantiating the continued impoverishment that enables the substitution of meaningful relations with things to go on unabated and so never address the underlining cause of our over consumption that is responsible for so much ecological damage. Growlocal is conceived with this in mind as it seeks to address the underlying cause of environmental issues by approaching them from the stand point of our everyday relations. By providing a search capability that enables people to find others whom not only share a passion for food but a commitment to social change, Growlocal hopes to be a means of facilitating the establishment of an economy that does not reduce our interaction with others to matters of want, but rather nurtures with the soil we attend to, a participatory culture of mutuality and sharing that is integral for an alternative future to become a working reality.

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