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Victorian Local Government Association

Posted in Models, RDAG by Devin Maeztri on May 1st, 2009

The Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA) is a unique peak body for councillors,community leaders and local governments working to build and strengthen their capacity to work together for progressive social change.


They have established the Food Security Network to provide support for local governments and other stakeholders, who are working with their communities to reduce barriers to local food access for healthy eating and to improve food security. The Food Security Network, supported by The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation and auspiced by VLGA, runs a dynamic mailing list and regular meetings to support the officers and municipalities who are participating in the VicHealth Food for All program, and the many others who are also addressing food security issues in their local areas.

This is from “Social Innovations in Victorian Food Systems”, case studies by Ferne Edwards.

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