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VeloRock: Human Powered Bike Gig

Posted in Models, RDAG by Kate Archdeacon on December 3rd, 2008

A practical and locally high profile demonstration of the ability of bicycles and human power to move large objects. Bicycle trailers are underutilised in most developed countries, yet have the ability to replace cars for carrying objects over short distances.

VeloRock was a community event that demonstrated the unrealised potential of the bicycle and human powered transport. It was a music gig in public space, a velodrome, with all equipment (instruments, amplifiers, public address system etc) carried to the event by bicycles with trailers. It was a not-for profit event initiated by the music and cycling community. In addition to the transport being emission free, the power used was 100% accredited greenpower and all waste was recycled.

From “Innovation in mobility for sustainable outcomes” case studies by Geoff Browne.

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