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Tiffins – Light lunch or midday meal

Posted in Models, RDAG by Devin Maeztri on April 29th, 2009

‘Tiffin, an Anglo-Indian term meaning ‘light lunch or midday meal, originates in Mumbai,India, where everyday hundreds of thousands of office workers receive hand-delivered meals prepared by their families.


These meals arrive in airtight containers that are stacked one atop the other for easy delivery by tricycle. The Tiffins business replicates this Indian model in Melbourne providing city workers and residents with meals on (tricycle) wheels. Cooked by chefs from fresh seasonal ingredients, this service is environmentally-friendly as it does not consume energy through transport or by reheating meals and prevents waste by using reusable containers with reasonable portions preventing much food wastage.

To find out more about Tiffins visit their website at

This is from “Social Innovations in Victorian Food Systems”, case studies by Ferne Edwards.

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