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The Commonbike Model – Can we borrow your legs for three weeks?

Posted in Models by Devin Maeztri on May 12th, 2009

Bicycle sharing is a public system of transport using a collective of bicycles: Bicycle stations are placed throughout a city where for a small fee you can rent a bicycle, ride it, utilize it, enjoy it, then return it to the same or a different station convenient to your use and location. (Common Bike)

Common BikeCommon BicycleRMIT

Can we borrow your legs for three weeks?

Common Bike is a pilot bicycle sharing system, initiatated by RMIT Industrial Design students to raise awareness and spark ideas about a public bicycle system in Melbourne.

We invite you to participate in our pilot:
Become a member, ride our bikes and help shape Melbourne’s bike share future.

We are launching on Wednesday the 6th of May with the pilot running for three weeks.

Register your interest and see our website for more Common Bike details.

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