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The Brotherhood of Saint Laurence Wholesale Food Security Community Enterprise

Posted in Models, RDAG by Virginia on April 15th, 2009

The Brotherhood of Saint Laurence (BSL) is an independent organisation with strong Anglican and community links that was established during the Great Depression to end social injustice and fight for an Australia free of poverty.


The Brotherhood’s mission is to deliver services, develop policy and support social change to help empower people, build community capacity as part of the community by creating and developing enterprise projects and ventures as catalysts for individual and community transformation.

BSL is currently conducting a feasibility study as part of its Community Enterprise Development Initiative into establishing a Wholesale Food Security Community Enterprise (also called “Food PAD”) to source produce for redistribution for local community organizations. This project aims to support the development of food related community enterprises to address issues of food insecurity and provide a pathway for social engagement and skill building while benefiting the environment.

The project intends on establishing and facilitating new sets of relationships between producers and consumers, placing the focus foremost on community benefits, whilst supporting the creation of sustainable new community initiatives. BSL, the Victorian Government and other stakeholders will provide the catalyst for the project while the impetus and ownership of the community enterprise will rest with community organizations. BSL is also supporting the development of two other food projects, the Western and Northern Metro Distribution Systems, in addition to the Food PAD project.

For more information about this project visit or

This is from “Social Innovations in Victorian Food Systems” case studies by Ferne Edwards.

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