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The Australian Conservation Foundation Consumption Atlas

Posted in Models, RDAG by Virginia on April 21st, 2009

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is one of Australia’s oldest environmental agencies committed to inspiring Australians to achieve a healthy environment over the last forty years.

ACF developed the online Consumption Atlas website in 2007 to complement the research paper, ‘Consuming Australia’, conducted in partnership with the University of Sydney. This report described and analysed the main environmental impacts of consumption in Australia. Food is a key area that emerged from this study, considering the household consumption of interrelated factors such as water, land and energy use.

The online Consumption Atlas encourages individuals to personalise their consumption by locating where they live on the map and choosing an indicator (greenhouse gas emissions, water use or eco-footprint) to discover their local consumption rate showing them how they compare nationally. Methods are offered to help people reduce their overall consumption.

Most importantly, this site untangles complex interdependencies of material flows to help people understand the true implications of their personal consumption.

For more information about the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Consumption Atlas visit Consumptionatlas.

This is from “Social Innocation in Victorian Food Systems’ case studies by Ferne Edwards

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