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Solar Power for homes, businesses and schools

Posted in Models by solar power for all on May 18th, 2009

I have just recently had solar power installed to my roof.  This is an article about the offer which I thought was worth passing on!
$8000 Grant for Solar Panels is Closing soon!

It is fast approaching the time when people earning less than $100,000 per annum will no longer be able to receive the $8000 government grant for their solar panels. No one can deny that they produce clean energy straight into the home making use of the sun as it shines. 1kw will save about $500 worth of electricity a year and of course – no carbon miles when using it. There is a Community Neighbourhood in the Melbourne area concerned about the environment and making a difference. In four weeks, its members have grown to almost 300!
If you are interested in 1kw of solar panels for $1895 make sure that you apply ASAP as the $8000 government rebate has almost dried up. Those who are not eligible for the government rebate are also entitled to the free inspection, quote and assessment by an ethical company and high quality components.

I have done a lot of comparsions of both price, quality of parts and the background of the company and I think it is the best offer around!
If you are interested contact:
Or phone- Lea on 0414656590 or Maria on 0417 918 515
I have been very happy with my quote and installation.
Hope this will help someone!