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Soil & Organics Recycling in Gippsland

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on August 20th, 2009

Source: Smart Water Fund


A new waste plant that will process 3000 tonnes of contaminated soils, 13,000 tonnes of organic waste and up to 20 megalitres of liquid waste a year has opened in Gippsland.

The Soil and Organic Recycling Facility (SORF) at Dutson Downs, 20km south-east of Sale, will manufacture high-quality compost that will be used for pasture improvement, land rehabilitation or beautification projects.

Contaminated soils retrieved from disused petrol stations or gas works can be treated and recycled at the SORF as an alternative in many cases to landfill disposal. Other wastes, including animal fats and petrol-based pollutants, will be converted (using naturally occurring microbes) into their component parts – carbon, water and beneficial soil organics. The plant will also recycle liquids such as waste oils and washdown water from factories, food processors and machinery plants – including car washes.

Gippsland Water Managing Director David Mawer said: “Contaminated water is a valuable resource that previously has gone to waste. This new plant can now take 20 megalitres a year. That’s water that once it is treated, can be reused for agricultural purposes.” “We believe industry will soon recognise the usefulness of this facility and it has been planned to further increase in capacity as demand grows.” Mr Mawer added. The SORF is within Gippsland Water’s existing Resource Recovery Facility, which occupies 250Ha of the 8000Ha Dutson Downs site.

Source: Smart Water Fund

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