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‘Water Not Down the Drain’ book by the ATA

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on January 11th, 2008

Although Christmas is over a book that provides a guide to using rainwater and greywater at home is a good gift all round – especially in our drought-stricken climate. This book recently released by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has over 150 pages of comprehensive information and diagrams on how you can sustainably use water around the home.

Topics include:
* Choosing rainwater tanks and harvesting rainwater
* Supplying rainwater to the house and garden
* Setting up a greywater diversion system for the garden
* Greywater treatment systems for the house and gardens
* Health and environmental concerns with greywater
* Creating a raingarden to capture stormwater
* Cutting greenhouse emissions while saving water

The author, Stuart McQuire, has reduced his familys mains water use by 96%, using just two and a half buckets of mains water per day, but still has a thriving garden full of fresh produce.

Published by the Alternative Technology Association and supported by the Smart Water Fund. To find out how to get a copy visit the ATA website at

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