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If this product could talk: Product Roadmaps

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on November 6th, 2009

Source: the Hub
Image: Potato Roadmap, Net Balance Foundation

A series of tools and resources have been developed to expand responsible business practice in Australia across a wide range of companies including small and medium enterprises.  Product Roadmaps, available on the Hub, identify the social and environmental impacts of a specific sector/product throughout the supply chain and then identify areas for improvement, cross-participant opportunities, government responses and tools that can assist to increase responsible business practices.  The product road mapping concept provides a common ground for participants along a supply chain (from primary producer through to consumers) to engage in meaningful dialogue about broader social and environmental issues that are typically harder to address in their entirety.

Roadmapping allows:

* end consumers and businesses along the product roadmap to be better informed of where their product comes from and the related sustainability issues associated with their supply chain

* supply chain participants including business, government regulators and industry bodies to assess and address the processes, costs and issues involved across the whole roadmap within which they participate.

Product Roadmaps are part of a national project housed at St James Ethics Centre and funded by the Federal Government (through Treasury).

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