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Orange Drive: Connecting Farming with the Wider Community

Posted in Models by Kate Archdeacon on June 9th, 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

Nangiloc/Colignan Primary School would like to provide you the opportunity to be involved in the first ever Orange Drive. The school has developed strong links with the Murray Valley Citrus Board and understands the need to promote Australian Citrus, helping to ensure local families remain viable and employed. We will use local fruit, packed at a local packing house and all orders will be processed by the children as part of their enterprise learning program.

Couple this with the promotion of Healthy Eating in Schools Program and the ‘Orange Drive’ is the Healthy Alternative …

What we offer

* Provide 100% Australian Navel Oranges
* 3kg bags @ $5/bag ($1 is your school’s profit)
* Bags are clearly labeled with purchasers name (ease of distribution)
* Advertising material (poster and order forms)
* Offer only available during Australian Navel Season (July – Oct) ensuring only fresh oranges are used.
* Orders must be placed before the 15th day of each month and deliveries will be made by the 30th.
* Order forms posters etc will be posted out, Order them via ph fax or email.

What you need to do

* Decide on which month you wish to conduct your ‘Orange Drive.’ (July, Aug, Sept, Oct).
* Send out order forms (see contact details)
* Collect order forms and payments.
* Collate information (sheet provided)
* Calculate your funds – $1/bag.
* Send cheque to Nangiloc/Colignan P.S. ($4/bag). (Grower receives $2, Packer receives $0.50, Bags/advertising/admin/transport costs $1, Nangiloc/Colignan P.S. receives $0.50
* Once we receive your payment we will process your order and deliver your oranges.
* You will be promoting healthy eating, supporting the Australian Citrus Industry and helping the students at Nangiloc/Colignan P.S. develop their Enterprise Learning Program.

Nangiloc is a small rural community near Mildura and the main industry is Citrus. Many of the 70 pupils have family and friends who live and work on a citrus “block”. Supporting the Orange Drive will not only provide your family with the tastiest oranges, but will also support your local school and have a direct impact on the education / economy of Nangiloc.

Project Partners: Murray Valley Citrus Board, Melbourne Citrus Committee