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Moreland Grow and Share program

Posted in Models, RDAG by Devin Maeztri on April 14th, 2009

The Moreland Grow and Share program is a pilot project that began in 2008 as part of the Moreland Food Access Project, Moreland Community Health Services.The program is designed for people with low incomes in food insecure locations aiming to provide a consistent, long-term, self-reliant approach to food security by growing and swapping surplus food within the community.

The pilot project selected eight households across Glenroy and North Coburg and worked with them to design, train and unite the community to establish food-producing gardens in their own backyards. Produce is predominantly exchanged whole, however participants will often share home grown and made dishes at the swaps.

The project requires access to space for gardening for five hours of sunlight per day that can be sourced from their own backyard, in pots, on others properties, community gardens or balconies. This project is based on the Grub Kitchen Garden model in Olympia, USA, and the Growing Gardens project in Oregon, Canada, which both construct gardens for low-income families but do not swap the produce.

By producing surplus intentionally to swap at a community level, the Moreland Grow and Share program builds localised self-reliance whilst also drawing together multiple cultures and age groups to mentor food production.

For more information contact Kate McCluskey, Moreland Community Health Service,
phone: (03) 8319 7421, email:

This is from “Social Innovations in Victorian Food Systems”, case studies by Ferne Edwards.

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