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More Urban Sprawl

Posted in Models by Virginia on June 12th, 2009

Melbourne’s urban sprawl will push another 50,000 houses into surrounding farmland in the next 15 years, putting further pressure on Melbourne’s stretched transport system. Despite Government planning policies backing increased city density, almost half of all new housing expected in Melbourne over the next decade will be built on Melbourne’s fringes where there is little access to public transport.

A report by the Government’s urban development program estimated that ‘an average of around 13,300 lots are required annually to meet projected dwelling demand across the growth areas over the next 15 years’. “The report found current land zoned for housing was not adequate for the expected demand. ‘The 2008 urban development program has identified that there is approximately 10-11 years’ total supply of broad-hectare land (set aside) across metropolitan Melbourne growth areas, which constitutes a current shortfall of residential land for future requirements’, the report said. Government policy is to have 15 years of land available for housing.

The report indicated that at least 50,000 houses would be built outside Melbourne’s current boundary in the next 15 years. Greens MP Colleen Hartland said: ‘There is already a huge strain; the Government is simply not putting money into public transport, they are letting those outer growth suburbs be built without any public transport’. ”
Ref: Jason Dowling, The Age, 9/5/09

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