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More comments on tanks and Melbourne’s water situation

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on September 10th, 2008

The abstract below is from an article written by Melissa Fyfe published in The Age that could be of interest to Sustainable Melbourne readers. It refers to a report commissioned by the State Government by consultants URS and was accessed by The Sunday Age using the freedom-of-information laws. I have no further links to this report / survey. To visit the full article go to

Rainwater tanks could save public $600m
Melissa Fyfe
The Age
August 10, 2008

TAXPAYERS would save more than $600 million if every new house and apartment block in Victoria was built with a rainwater tank, a State Government-commissioned study has found.

But the economic study found that conserving water was only a small bonus of widespread rainwater tanks. The biggest benefit would be in saving the Government millions of dollars in managing storm water.

The report analysed how much money would be saved if some rainwater was captured on private properties, instead of going down the drain. The rainwater that runs off Melbourne’s roofs and roads each year is roughly the same amount as the city uses, about 400 billion litres.

The report found that if each of Victoria’s new homes — expected to number 600,350 by 2050 — was built with a compulsory tank connected to the toilet, washing machine, shower and garden, the benefit would be worth $609 million in present-day value.

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