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Model – “Westwyck” presented by Mike Hill at the Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum

Posted in Events, Models, SCRT Videos, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on September 25th, 2007

Mr Mike Hill, Director of Westwyck, spoke about “The sustainability of distributed water treatment systems in urban development” at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table/ Future Melbourne forum. This presentation of applied knowledge of water systems in an urban setting provided a lovely rounding-off of the presentations during the evening.

WestWyck is an eco-property which occupies the building and grounds of the former Brunswick West Primary School in inner suburban Melbourne. From this no-longer used resource, the WestWyck developers aimed to bring the building to new and vibrant life as an urban demonstration showpiece of sustainable development and good design. As discussed on the Westwyck website:

“The key sustainability principles that justify WestWyck being termed an ‘ecovillage’ are ‘materials efficiency’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘water efficiency’. The new dwellings are designed to high standards of energy efficiency. The water management regime is pushing new boundaries in reducing reliance on mains water and minimising the discharge from the site of water via the stormwater and sewerage systems. The construction phase has reused and recycled where possible making careful decisions about the sourcing of other building products and reducing the amount of material going to landfill. The apartments and townhouses are built as healthy homes with careful application of benign materials and finishes.” To find out more about this development, visit their website at See footage of Mike’s presentation and the accompanying powerpoint slides below.

Mike Hills powerpoint presentation