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Model & Local Action – Farmer’s Market Newsletter, December

Posted in Events, Models by Ferne Edwards on December 10th, 2007

Below is the Farmers’ Market Newsletter for December by Miranda Sharp, Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets Freelance Food Writing,


Joy to the world, the rains did come! Buoyed by the downpours in November and the prospect of more to come, December has brought real cheer and hope for Victorian farmers. So let that be the spirit for the end of 2007…

There are two distinct ways of handling this end of year madness; one with absolute planning and the other with complete abandon and spontaneity so, with weekly farmers markets you can get organized and put your orders in ahead, or mooch along and go with the seasonal flow. At all the markets this month youll find fabulous quality apricots, nectarines, strawberries, early raspberries and cherries in full swing and, in vegetable matters, revel in snow peas, avocadoes, new season spuds, lettuces & mixed greens, beans, asparagus, garlic, zuchinni & leeks.

In essential holiday grub youll find Dis rhubarb cakes, Erics pistachios, chutneys and relishes, falafel, lentils, olives and oils, dressings, biscuits, hazelnuts, chocolates, chilli sauces and pastes, muesli, fruit cordials, spice mixes, ginseng, pasta and sauces, wines, tempeh, pickled asparagus, juices and honey.
In global perspective this Christmas, Australian Conservation Foundation will be at Gasworks and Abbotsford Convent bringing fresh vanilla pods for sale in support of an community initiative in PNG where the Simbukanam people of Mandang Province have turned a decimated logging area into a Conservation Area. In order to create an income for the community, pesticide-free vanilla is now being grown, and a more sustainable industry secured for the future. The result is highly concentrated, beautiful quality fresh vanilla direct to you.

Melbourne Community Farmer's Markets

And again this year OXFAM will again be promoting ‘unwrapped gifts that puts our local good fortune into global context. The project means whilst giving to a person who has everything here, your gesture directly benefits someone who has nothing somewhere else. Check out info and get involved!

A final, complex issue has landed on our collective plate in the last gasps of 2007. Whether you agree or not, this weeks announcement to lift the ban on genetic modified crops in Victoria is an irreversible decision and will change our agricultural landscape permanently. If theres any chance of review and you want to have your say about what you eat, you have to do it NOW…

So heres to another year… Simply, thank you for your support of Victorian farmers. Onward and upwards in 08.

Veg Out Farmers Market
1 December & 1st Sat every month 8.30am-1pm.
Chaucer Street, St Kilda, Melways 2P B9. Free Entry
Xmas treats: Indigenous foods such as finger limes and pepperberry, Romsey Roses, Spice Bazaar, Moniques nougat, Green Eggs meringues, Ritas antipasto, and honeycomb.

Collingwood Childrens Farm Farmers Market
8 December & 2nd Sat every month 8am–1pm
St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Melways ref 44 G5
Entry $2 adults, stay all day.
Xmas treats: Yumm Dressings, Michels Bix, Splitters Creek Cordials, Cocoa Rhapsody, 3 pud makers, Geralds gerberas, Spice Bazaar, Boola Boola lemocello.

Gasworks Farmers Market
15 December & 3rd Sat every month 8.30am–1pm.
Graham Street, Albert Park, Melways 2J H7 Free Entry
Xmas Treats: Burrowes Park new aioli, Paddymelons Turkish delight, Michels Biscuits,
Camelia Cupcakes, Greg Browns handmade bread, Miris Produce condiments, Cannibal Creek, Badaginnie
Run & Avonmore Estate wines.

Slow Food Melbourne Farmers Market
22 December & 4th Sat every month 8am–1pm.
Abbotsford Convent, St Heliers St, Abbotsford, Melways 44G5.
$2 adults entry & carpark to restoration & maintenance.
Xmas treats: Jamies Fine Dressings, Tea with Alice cupcakes, Avonmore Estate BD wine, pates, 2 pud
makers, Hilltop Roses, Neerim Hazelnuts, Burrowes Park meringues and lots more last minute edible gifts!

Please dont forget all the markets are plastic bag free so get into the swing and BYO!
For more information or if youd like to receive the monthly newsletter….. contact Miranda Sharp on
0429 146627 or mfm or

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