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Model – Green Trams in Melbourne

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on April 9th, 2008

The section below is republished with permission from the Going Solar Transport Newsletter #53, 1 April 2008, compiled by Stephen Ingrouille. Going Solar, This newsletter provides an excellent commentary on local sustainable transport issues in Melbourne.

Green Trams
While trams – and public transport in general – are cleaner than road vehicles, they are far from being carbon neutral because the energy used to power the tram network in Victoria is supplied by coal-fired power stations. Yarra Trams is trialling a green energy source, by powering one of Melbournes iconic trams with wind energy sourced from Victorian wind farms. Partners in the demonstration project are Pacific Hydro and Sustainability Victoria. The five-car Combino tram chosen for the trial can carry 180 people, taking approximately 150 cars off the road and saving almost a kilometre of traffic. It will travel on one of Melbournes busiest routes – route 96 – which carries approximately 11.5 million people per year.
Ref: Yarra Trams 25/3/08

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