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Model – Early Birds to Get Free Train Travel

Posted in Events, Models by Ferne Edwards on October 8th, 2007

Metropolitan Melbourne will introduce free train travel for early birds from next year as part of a trial to alleviate crowding. (And what a great way to get people out of cars and on to public transport to improve the environment!)

According to the “Early Birds to Get Free Train Travel Media Release“, preliminary testing has begun on the Sydenham and Frankston lines in October and the full program will be rolled out in 2008. The testing will ensure broader rollout is appropriately designed and targeted. The free travel is available for passengers arriving at their destination by 7am. The testing has been announced to coincide with the new metropolitan train timetable and it is estimated to save passengers up to $1100 each year. Tickets are available from CBD, Sydenham and Frankston stations.

'Curvey Tracks' by Pro-Zak

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