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Melbourne Farmers’ Markets: September

Posted in Models, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 3rd, 2010

Source: Melbourne Community Farmers’ Markets

From the September Newsletter:


What a relief for all from this incredible Winter; it sure is the real deal this year! Many stallholders are itching to get back to markets after their enforced hiatus but there’s just no produce for them to bring until there’s some warmth in the atmosphere. Never fear, it’s all poised ready to happen …fruit tree buds are waiting to burst, asparagus shoots will grow above the surface before your eyes, dairy animals will flow forth with milk from new green growth and our citrus focus might gradually turn from flu preventers to salad ingredients (mmm…orange segments with lovely fine sliced fennel and a cider vinegar dressing!)

Things may not be shooting outside but garlic bulbs still hanging in their skein in my kitchen from last season are doing their natural thing and thinking they should be planted out. It’s only a couple of months till we’re treated to new season garlic so here’s a tip – I’m going to peel and whiz them all up with butter and olive oil then freeze in small containers. Was there really a time when we didn’t think we could have local garlic all year?

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