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Media Release – Melbourne Designer wins significant USA Design Award!

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on February 19th, 2009

Melbourne Designer Mark Watson, Director of Design Providence has won the “Design Green” Award in “Design Green” Project Award competition from the USA. Mark has developed the concept of a collapsible Shopping trolley that uses detachable shopping bags. Developed as a concept through a ‘Design for the Environment project in conjunction with the former EcoRecycle Victoria, the Design Institute of Australia and the Centre for Design at RMIT, Mark has been perusing funding for a ‘proof of concept trial with the City of Melbourne at the Queen Victoria Market.

The trolley is designed to be collapsible for use with motor vehicles in managing the process of moving groceries from ‘store shelf to pantry, but it has been realised that the trolley can actually obviate the need to take the car shopping. The main aim of the trolley concept is to reduce the use of the plastic (singlet) shopping bag as well as addressing the interminable manoeuvring difficulties with the conventional shopping trolley.
Mark has a patent pending in the USA for the trolley and is seeking a manufacturer in the USA as he has been unable to secure any interest from local manufacturers.

For more information and interview opportunities, please contact:
Mark Watson, Design Providence
0447 744 896

Link to USA website:
Design Providence:

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