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Local Action – Transport News in Docklands

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on June 3rd, 2008

The section below is republished with permission from the Going Solar Transport Newsletter #61, 27 May 2008, compiled by Stephen Ingrouille. Going Solar, This newsletter provides an excellent commentary on local sustainable transport issues in Melbourne.

Docklands (Melbourne)
“In its first major blueprint for Docklands, the [Melbourne City] council has laid out changes it believes are needed over the next three years if the district is to thrive. Key recommendations from its new Delivering for Docklands strategy include:
â–  Connecting Docklands to Footscray by tram, by extending the 86 tram route through Melbourne’s ports.
â–  Increasing speed, frequency and viability of all transport to Docklands, with more trams, buses, water taxis and ferries.
… About 4000 people now live in Docklands, and 7000 work there. Population projections indicate that by 2010 there will be more than 8000 residents and more than 20,000 workers.

… The council’s strategy aims to improve all transport links to the area. The ferry and water taxi system would be reviewed, said Cr Peter Clarke, the chairman of the Docklands Co-ordination Committee. Sydney Harbour has a speed limit of 15 knots, (28 km/h); in comparison, a speed limit of just 5 knots (9 km/h) applies at Docklands. This was too slow, Cr Clarke said. ‘It is quicker to walk from Flinders Street Station than it is to go by water taxi, he said. ‘We need to dramatically increase that. The council will also look into extending the 86 tram route to Footscray. It now runs from Bundoora to Docklands. Under the new plan, the tram line would continue down Footscray Road, and end at Footscray railway station. ‘It’s one on our wish list, Yarra Trams chief executive Dennis Cliche said. ‘It’s a question of funding, and that ultimately comes back to the State Government. The council strategy also recommends better pedestrian and bicycle networks, and planting more trees across Docklands.”
Ref: Clay Lucas, The Age, 2/1/08

Car Share in Melbourne
“Nine car sharing spaces have been created in recent months at Docklands bringing to total 29 car share spaces within the City of Melbourne – the highest number in Victoria. The program allows members to rent cars by the hour or by the day with rental costs including petrol, insurance, cleaning, maintenance and registration. The City of Melbourne provides spaces to ensure there are regular parking bays reserved specifically for participating vehicles and allows cars to be easily located for each new user. A recent survey conducted by the City of Melbourne, in partnership with Flexicar, showed 25 per cent of Flexicar car share members surveyed had sold their private vehicle. Respondents also indicated an average of 15km per week, or 25 per cent decline, in their car usage since joining.”
Ref: The Green Leaflet, (City of Melbourne) 19/5/08

Who Can Benefit From Carshare?
Carshare/Flex-car programs help remove the total number of cars on roads but conveniently provide a vehicle when
􀂾 Where lots of staff members catch public transport to work but still need transport during the day.
􀂾 Where there is heavy reliance on taxis.
􀂾 When theres not a pool car – or the one there is, is being heavily used.
􀂾 Where theres competition for staff and customer parking on site.
􀂾 When an organisation needs a cheaper or greener transport alternative.
Ref: Flexicar 24/1/08

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