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Local Action – The Sustainability Street Approach – Darebin Hub Graduation

Posted in Events, Models by Ferne Edwards on August 22nd, 2007

On with the journey…

Sustainability Street

Sometimes we get so caught up in the small picture that we dont take time to look at the bigger picture. Part of the Sustainability Street Graduation Ceremony was a reflection on what Sustainability Street has become in peoples lives, local areas and on a broader scale. The outcomes were amazing.

Let the quotes speak for the whole.

“I used to know 40% of the street, now I know 90%.”
“We never knew these people before Sustainability Street, now we leave our keys with them when we go away.”
“ I cant go outside and weed the lawn anymore. I spend all my time talking”
“Now I go down the street to buy milk and spend most of my time chatting”
“We had a Christmas party and almost the whole street turned up.”
“Even though they never came to the meetings, just the talk in the street influenced their behaviour.”
“We havent really got a project up and running but everyones individual actions are being influenced by the principles of Sustainability Street.”
“Somehow the conversation always ends up on Sustainability and what we can do to help.”
“People from streets away want to come and join our Sustainability Street.”

There were many stories of community interaction which didnt exist prior to Sustainability Street. The social spin-offs and small environmental wins were eye opening. The most common theme of all the stories was a stronger well connected community with a focus on the environment and a desire to make things happen.

We would like to thank Councillor Mendo Kundevski for his participation as the Vice Chancellor of the Sustainability Street Communiversity and his ongoing support throughout the program.

Dates to Remember.
Saturday September 8th
9.45am – 3.00pm
CERES Education Centre
Lunch Provided (RSVP Essential)
Please RSVP to jason

You dont have to be an, “environmental expert”, or even have been to SSA sessions, to attend the Train the Mentor course! If you have been inspired in some way by the SSA and are committed to working with your local community towards an ecologically sustainable future, then you will make a fantastic mentor and we urge you to attend and invite others if you wish.

This a great chance to continue your involvement with Sustainability Street, to work with your own community as well as new emerging communities.

For more information about the Sustainability Street project, visit

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