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Event – More information on the FREE Sustainability Street “Train the Mentor Course”, 8 September

Posted in Events, Models by Ferne Edwards on August 21st, 2007

Enrolments for the Sustainability Street Approach Mentor Workshop … are now open

The SSA Mentor Workshop
on Sat. 8th September @ CERES
9.15 for 9.30 – 3.30
Places Limited. RSVP Essential!
To enrol, contact Jason Cox …
9381 1722 … jason

This course has been completely revised and revamped … with a focus on transformative education and community engagement.

The ecological sustainability tide is turning, at last. We are all playing a part in this historic, massive, global movement to drag the Earth back from the precipice. Much work remains and we all know well have to stick at it for the rest of lives, to make sure “that it never happens again”. The Sustainability Street Approach (SSA) is dedicated to helping us get the very most out of this wonderful journey of shaping a new ecologically sustainable culture. The SSA is also about deeply rejuvenating the ethos of experiencing & enjoying and the Earth.

In essence, our present challenge, as change agents … advocates for the Earth, is to be the Guide Beside, rather then the Sage on Stage. We can so create an atmosphere which enables individuals and groups to arrive at our own solutions and commitments.

The boffins refer to this as being “transformational” rather than “transmissive”.

The eco-sustainability solutions are all out there right now, and burgeoning daily. Accessing this mountain of solutions needs only our transformation to the new mindset and values suite … a culture of passionate respect for the Earth.

We can be sustainable … if we want it!

Download the pdf for more information: sustystmentorworkshop.pdf

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