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Communes not such a far-out idea

Posted in Models, Sustainable Cities Round Tables by Ferne Edwards on February 25th, 2009

This article below was published in conjunction with the announcement of the ECO-CITY Melbourne Exhibition which is launching at Docklands tonight. The article below describes some of the speakers who will be presenting at the Sustainable Cities Round Table on Sustainable Sharing tomorrow evening. Places are still available – RSVP to rsvp@ To access the full article click here.
Communes not such a far-out idea
Natalie Craig, The Age, 25 February 2009

THE quaint idea of “sharing nicely” could form the economic and social backbone of tomorrow’s eco-city.

Groups that are already encouraging people to share their wares – from clothes to kitchens and fresh cow’s milk – will talk tomorrow in a “sustainable sharing” roundtable as part of the Melbourne Eco-City exhibition, at Shed 4 in Docklands, from 6pm.

Iain Walker will represent the Banyule Co-housing Project – a proposed development in which residents would have their own bedrooms and bathrooms, but share kitchens and the occasional meal.“Co-housing is about bringing us back to the traditional village lifestyle,” Mr Walker said.

“You can come home from work and you’ve got a community meal prepared for you, so you can spend time playing with the kids … You end up getting more choices, you take up less space and you consume less.”

Serial clothes-swapper Kate Pears also wants to encourage people to consume less. She will be talking about her “My Sisters’ Wardrobe” clothing exchanges, as well as the template she is creating to train businesses, schools and councils to run swap-meets.

“Sustainability is not just about buying greener versions of things – it’s also about creating systems that allow us to have everything we want without using precious resources,” she said. — NATALIE CRAIG

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