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Comments – “Sustainable cities” in the press

Posted in Models, Movements by Ferne Edwards on October 4th, 2007

The quotes below are from the Going Solar Transport Newsletter #30, 26 September, published by Stephen Ingrouille, Principal, Going Solar,

Sustainable Cities
“…when it comes to encouraging transit, mode choice — ie., train vs. bus vs. streetcar — isn’t the most important factor in determining how many people use a transit system…Far more important is the layout of communities served by transit. In particular, compact neighbourhoods can concentrate people and jobs near major transit routes, which helps make transit more convenient and cost-effective….What I am saying is that neither buses nor trains will get as many riders as we might hope — unless we get our neighbourhoods right first.”
Ref: Clark Williams-Derry 15/5/07

“Big names [in the USA] within the urban planning and transportation technology sectors met this week to begin a conversation about how they could create more sustainable cities and vehicles. The Meeting of the Minds Conference brought together public officials, scientists, academics, auto manufacturers and non-profits to discuss fuels of the future, improving transit systems, breakthroughs in urban design, climate change and cutting edge vehicle technology.”
Ref: Tilde Herrera Green Buzz 14/9/07

“The Age has recently reported the extra costs incurred by those in the outer suburbs reliant on cars. It is a significant socio-economic but also environmentally unsustainable blight on our lifestyle…. I am one of those outer-suburban, cardependent, disadvantaged people. I am frustrated that there is no viable, sustainable alternative to the car to allow me to maintain employment and mobility. I am fortunate that I have to travel only 17 minutes to work by car. To take the currently available public transport would take 1½ hours. The Government’s continued focus on road infrastructure only encourages more traffic. Public transport is barely considered, and yet it is more cost-effective. Much of its infrastructure is there already. Improved, publicly owned transport is part of the solution: it decreases carbon emissions as people will use their cars less; decreases the cost of living as people spend less on cars and petrol; and lessens the disparity between city and outer suburban dwellers. Something needs to be done now.”
David Cox, Mornington The Age 6/6/07

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