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City Rider Guide: Cyclists’ Skillshare

Posted in Models, RDAG by Kate Archdeacon on December 8th, 2008

The City Rider Guide (and other media and programs for skill sharing) enables people to broaden their skills and adapt their riding to a wider range of conditions. This enables them to ride more often, thus reducing car dependence.

There are a number of community-based bicycle skill-sharing projects. These include websites set up by bicycle user groups (BUGS), short courses by groups such as CAE (Council for Adult Education), formal courses run by retired police for school children, and programs that also cover bicycle maintenance. The City Rider Guide (pictured) was developed by a member of the Critical Mass community as a way to share urban cycling experience. Originally printed by community members, it has since been adapted for use by BUGs and local governments around Australia and the world.
For more information see The Urbanbicyclist Project, Melbourne.

From “Innovation in mobility for sustainable outcomes” case studies by Geoff Browne.

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