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Car Sharing: Flexicar

Posted in Models, RDAG by Kate Archdeacon on December 1st, 2008

Reducing the environmental impact of existing technology within a new behavioural / organisational framework for practical personal mobility.

Car sharing is a variation of car rental, allowing members to use a vehicle on a short-term basis for specific trips, rather than having to own a car outright.

Cars are parked at ‘pods – easy-to-reach neighbourhood locations such as strip shopping centres or railway stations. To use a car, a member books online or by phone then simply drives off at the required time, returning the vehicle to the pod once finished. Access and operation of the vehicle is keyless, using a member-provided smart card. The main prerequisites for member-ship are a valid driver licence and no major driving violations. On top of a joining fee of around $50, fees are based on a combination of hourly and per-kilometre rates but not – and this is where the savings kick in – the associated costs such as registration, insurance, fuel, servicing or garaging. These are shared across the membership (RACV, 2007).



From “Innovation in mobility for sustainable outcomes” case studies by Geoff Browne.