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Another Sustainability Street Approach Village SnapShot – East Melbourne

Posted in Models by Ferne Edwards on May 13th, 2008

The post below is from Vox Bandicoot who run the Sustainability Street program. This is a wonderful initiative which supports local communities to work together to promote greater environmental and social sustainability in their areas. For more information visit the website at

On Ya Bike
East Melbourne Sustainability Streeters learn how to be safer, more confident cyclists. Transport is one of the major energy use items of most households. The simple act of riding a bike instead of taking the car can improve the health of the planet and the person. Apparently the only thing stopping some people riding is a flat tyre, dodgy brakes, or a loose chain. Not East Melbourne Sustainability Street.

East Melbourne Sustainability Streeters who attended the workshop, held at East Melbourne Library, can now adjust brakes, tighten chains, fix punctures, change tyres, lube moving parts and generally be a lot more confident about using their bikes. Huw Vellacott gave us practical demonstration of how to do all these simple maintenance tasks as well as some good advice on riding safely. Huw actually fixed peoples bikes as part of the workshop.

Keep an eye out for a workshop in your street soon. Were running them in cycles.

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