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50 Ways to Give to the Community this Christmas

Posted in Models, Opinion by Rob Eales on December 17th, 2010

From “50 Ways to give to the community this Christmas”, courtesy of

#4 Get your kids involved. Talk to your kids about scaling back your own family’s Christmas present-giving to one gift per child. Encourage your children to think about the community groups that make a difference in their lives by donating a few coins, or by doing a few jobs around the house in exchange for a donation to a group. Ask them to pin-point toys they have outgrown that they would like to contribute to a community group that works with children, or that can sell the toys to help fund their work.

#5 Swap gifts for donations. Instead of giving out Christmas presents yourself, make a donation on your friends’ behalf to an appropriate community group. Give your friends a card telling them that you have made a donation and provide the receipt. Again, the benefit will last longer than a pair of socks, a packet of soaps or box of chocolates.

#6 Sponsor a native animal. Tragically, more and more of our unique Australian fauna are becoming endangered. Icons like Tasmanian Devils, koalas and other great creatures are under threat from disease, introduced species or diminishing habitat. Consider sponsoring a Tasmanian Devil, a koala, a grey nurse shark or a native animal through Our Community’s Giving Centre.

#16 Buy your Christmas tree from a community group. Consider buying your Christmas tree this year from a local scouting group or community organisation selling trees. Real trees smell better than plastic ones, and after Christmas they can be recycled by being cut up for garden mulch (remember to take off the decorations first!). Think Green. Think Community. Try the list of community groups selling trees at Often scout groups, service clubs and CFA brigades sell Christmas trees as fundraisers, so if there isn’t a local group on Our Community’s list, approach one of these organisations to see what they are doing.

#23 Help by having a party. If your workplace, family, neighbours, friends or others are getting extra festive this festive season and having a party, think about who you’re going to get to cater it. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Catering Service not only produces great food, but uses the money it generates through catering to support asylum seekers and their families. See if there’s a similar group in your area that can cater for your party.

#40: Attend a local Christmas concert. Many schools and community groups hold concerts at this time of year – lend your support by going along and clapping loudly. You could also offer to help make costumes or sell tickets.

Read the other 44 at, or visit — a commission-free website listing thousands of good causes and creative ways to give.

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