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Thank you and good bye!

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on June 23rd, 2009

Thank you all for your interest and support in the Sustainable Cities project over the last couple of years. I have now resigned from my position as Sustainable Cities Research Officer at VEIL. It’s been a very productive innings – has had over 200,000 unique visitors in the last year and along with we have posted more than 1,500 total posts of positive urban sustainability initiatives. The Sustainable Cities Round Tables, our face-to-face events, have showcased 110 local presenters, networking people across sustainability sectors and illustrating the extent of rich resources and knowledge that we have here in Melbourne.

I have also enjoyed teaching the ‘Meals in Metropolis‘ course at RMIT University (check out the student work here), and writing the ‘Briefing Paper on Social Innovations in the Victorian Food System’ – soon to be released (to request a copy email Kirsten Larsen at klarsen@ TheĀ  highlight of the project was having this work recognised internationally when I moderated the ‘Sustainable cities and human life’ session at the 2008 World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Korea., and this Newsletter will continue on to be moderated by Kate Archdeacon, Design Research Assistant, VEIL. For future information about these projects please contact her directly at kfa@ Of course, we encourage you to continue to post your initiatives directly online – just go to “How to use this site” and follow the instructions. To keep up with VEIL’s work visit the website here.

I have now published the footage from the most recent (and possibly the last) ‘Sustainable Cities Round Table – The Energy to Change‘. In all these projects –, and the Sustainable Cities Round Tables – I have striven to showcase positive initiatives to inspire fresh, innovative and positive change towards sustainability. On that note, a question asked at the recent Sustainable Cities Round Table is very relevant: “What motivates you to change?” I hope the websites and events have also inspired such changes to become real.

Ferne Edwards
Sustainable Cities Research Officer, VEIL