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Swap Shop at The Village

Posted in Events, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on November 5th, 2010

4 November , 2010 6:00 pmto7 November , 2010 7:00 pm

The Village, Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North:

Again this year we will set up our Village swap shop.  For all of you who have been swapping before you know how it works.  The swap shop looks like a market stall with lots of clothes, books, toys, records, stuff and weird stuff and more.  It has an op shop feel but STRICTLY NO CASH only swaps are the currency here.  Anyone can take anything away, so long as they leave something behind. You can take a pair of shoes and leave behind the jumper that you are wearing. You can swap your shirt for an old Elvis Costello record. You can swap 4 Georgette Heyer novels for a dozen Sunflower seedlings.


You could donate a bag of swapable items and leave it over to our lovely swap shop hosts or: The swap shop will provide labels so you can write down your name and phone number on your swap item but also your wish list like:

I want to swap this dress for: 1.a pair of funky sunglasses,2 red boots size 10, a neck massage etc etc.

In the case of particularly high quality items (a flash suit, a ballroom gown, an eligible bachelor…) you might agree to do some gardening, do a trick, paint a picture or provide a particularly good curry dinner.


This year we would like to get some produce swaps going as well so if you have a well producing lemon tree you might be able to swap them for a jar of home made pickles or a fancy shirt. We will accept any transaction so long as you are comfortable with it


This year’s Swap shop is being run by the lovely Claire and Zoe, who know all about bartering and will help the first timers to get going. Please look in your wardrobes, sheds and piles and see if you can find anything someone else might be happy with. The swap shop will be open at all times during The Village opening times:

Thurs.4 Nov from 6pm till 11pm
Fri.5 Nov 6pm till mid night
Sat.6 Nov 12noon till 12 midnight
Sun.7Nov noon till 7pm

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