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Sustainable Living Space Users’ Guides: March

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on February 25th, 2010

Source: Sustainable Living Space

Image: rubenerd via flickr CC

Users Guide to Solar Hot Water

Presenter : Kevin Fregon

Heating Water for domestic use represents a large part of our home energy use. By installing a solar hot water system, we can make substantial savings to our energy bills as well as making a difference to our ecological footprint. This session will explore a range of issues concerning installing solar hot water systems on your home or apartment.
Wednesday March 3, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Users Guide to Water Tanks

Presenter: Jenny Francis

Are you considering harvesting rain water by installing a water tank? This is the workshop for you. In this session we will explore the reasons for catching rain water, how to choose the right tank for you, where to locate your tank, as well as installation and flow maintenance issues.
Wednesday March 10, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Users Guide to Grey Water

Presenter: Jenny Francis

We can reduce our water consumption by reusing our grey water in our garden. There are some limitations to the use of grey water. In this workshop, we will explore the reasons for reusing grey water, the composition of Greywater, Garden friendly grey water, distribution techniques, as well as your plants and grey water.
Wednesday March 17, 7.30pm – 9.30pm


North Ringwood Community House, 120 Oban Road, North Ringwood

Our Presenters:

Kevin Fregon from the Moreland Energy Foundation has researched solar water heating systems and draws on this experience to present this session

Jenny Francis who coordinates a conservation group at Sassafras has been developing and teaching courses on sustainability for 15 years. Jenny has a Masters of Environmental Science which includes environmental hydrology and is a permaculture enthusiast. She and her partner are developing their property in the Dandenongs using sustainability principles. Jenny has always been an advocate of water tanks, is currently “off mains” and has recycled grey water for over 15 years. Her experience includes simple diversion systems to a sophisticated natural worm farm approach which recycles all “waste” water to the garden. She places particular emphasis on the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products in the home.

For more information, please contact North Ringwood Community House on 9876 3421 or

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