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Stop Food Waste campaign!

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on September 3rd, 2008

Please find a post below from the Notebook editor, Caroline Roessler, who is spearheading the Stop Food Waste campaign.

Food waste in this country is an environmental and financial disaster. In an economic climate of rising fuel costs and interest rates, not to mention disastrous food shortages in the Third World and the enormous environmental implications, throwing away good food seems like utter madness. When you consider that we are throwing away at least one out of five bags of groceries every time we go shopping, we might as well throw away the money it was bought with– over $5 billion annually in Australia. Furthermore, when food rots in landfill, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than the carbon dioxide pouring from your cars exhaust. If we dont acknowledge and mend our wasteful habits, we will destroy an environment that can sustain and support future generations.

It is for this reason that Notebook: magazine has teamed up with Planet Ark founder, Jon Dee, to launch the Stop Food Waste! campaign in our September issue. Our objective is to serve up the practicalities of dealing with an issue that has global and personal, financial implications. We are also inviting Australians to share their creative solutions for minimizing the amount of food that is thrown in the rubbish bin. Do you have any ideas? Please post them on

Caroline Roessler
(Editor of Notebook Magazine)

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