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SEARCH – An exciting new training program for young activists

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on September 9th, 2008

SEARCH is initiating an exciting new training program for young activists interested and engaged in left/progressive social change. The training sessions will consist of an inter-generational dialogue and exchange with veteran activists who will share their experiences, knowledge and ideas with younger activists.

When: The training sessions will be held on two consecutive Saturdays- September 13: 9:15 – 5:00 and September 20: 9:30 – 4:00

Where: 251 Queensberry St, Carlton, South

Cost: $20 to cover lunch on both Saturdays.

For more info: admin

The workshops will be done through exploring case studies of previous Australian campaigns and social movements and analysing the successes/failures of these campaigns. Political education will be a key
component of the trainings with an emphasis on exploring theoretical perspectives and key vision and values which run across all progressive social movements. Particular skills sharing sessions will also take place, focussed on how to organise campaigns and develop strategy and tactics.

Young activists will have access to a network of experienced and supportive left/progressive activists with possibilities of mentoring, sharing of ideas and solidarity on campaigns. The veteran activists involved have had considerable experience in successful mass movements, which include the: Anti-apartheid campaign, Freedom Rides campaign and Equal Pay for Women campaign. This is an opportunity to make some new activist friends, be supported while being active and gaining some insights into progressive political strategies for Australia’s future.

Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a mentoring program with a veteran activist as well as help create an activist network where support can be given and information is freely shared. We are seeking young individuals who:

– are currently active on social/political issues

– are from diverse backgrounds
– want to join a learning circle
– are interested in learning about historical social movements
– want to explore the ‘big picture’
– are available for all dates listed below

The SEARCH Foundation was established in 1990 to advance social justice and equity, democracy, environmental sustainability, and the community’s understanding of the issues involved. SEARCH funds research, assists the work of individuals and organisations, conducts education and training, organises seminars and conferences and helps to publish newspapers, magazines, books and research reports to increase community awareness on these issues.

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