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Review – Deakin Research Talks – “Yes it is unsustainable but it is not my fault”

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on November 16th, 2007

A review of the recent talk, “Yes it is unsustainable but it is not my fault“, held at St Michaels Church in Collins Street, Melbourne, and organised by Deakin University can now be accessed on the Deakin University website. The three speakers at the event included Professor Professor Cullen, a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, Professor Geoff Wescott from Deakins Burwood campus and an expert in coastal ecology and Dr Anne Wallis, who specialises in creating grass-roots solutions to a lot of the problems facing modern rural communities.

Themes in the evening included speakers’ urging the audience to use their vote wisely at the next election, disappointment in a society where shopping is now a recreational activity and where want and need have become disastrously confused, and suggestions for Australians to lead themselves, out of an increasingly arid wilderness.

The brief review on the website states:

“Professor Cullen noted dryly Australians had convinced themselves rare wet seasons were the norm for this country and felt indignant every time a drought came along. And then came the commandments: Do unto others, upstream and downstream, as you would do unto yourself; Do not covet thy neighbours water, and ;
Maintain the health of our aquatic ecosystems for all other uses are dependent on this health.”

A transcript of Peter Cullens talk can be found at
The whole Life Matters program can be heard at

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