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Resource – The o2 Global Network

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on November 22nd, 2007

I recently had the pleasure of speaking about the Sustainable Cities project, VEIL (ie., and the Sustainable Cities Round Tables) at a Green Drinks/ 02 Global Network function. The event was attended by many creative types with an avid interest in green design. Below is some more information about the project.

o2 Global Network
o2 Global Network is an international creative industry network for people interested in sustainable design. The network involves people with a background in design, industrial design, architecture, graphic design, arts, fashion, and innovation, as well as people from academies, universities, public authorities, companies and knowledge centers.

The network is made up of the o2 Global Network foundation, regional hubs, local groups, liaisons and individuals (called o2’s). It has currently more than 70 country contacts, themselves representing local networks and over 1500 active members. The o2 Global Network Foundation launches System Reload in August – a Global Network Initiative to share knowledge and fast track sustainable design from concept to consumer.

Join the o2 global network mailing list at and automatically become a member of o2 Victoria.

o2 Australia works alongside partners the Society for Responsible Design and ChangeX. o2 Australia was originally founded by John Gertsakis from Product Ecology and Kirsty Mate’ in NSW. o2 Australia seeks new local and international partnerships to develop strategy for increased eco innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

For more information about o2 contact o2 Victoria Liaison, Monique McNamara or Damien Melotte at join or visit o2 Australia at

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