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Resource – the EcoShout website

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on December 19th, 2007

Please find below a message about the EcoShout website from Sarah Day.

I want to let everyone know about eco-shout, a web portal to all that is green in Eastern Australia and a promotions tool for small environment groups. Eco-shout was designed by long term environmental activists as a catalyst to action for groups and individuals working towards environmental and Indigenous justice in Victoria, Tassie and New South Wales.

The eco-shout website is a networking tool that involves 4000 regular users and provides up to date info on the groups and opportunities out there, enabling anyone to get active in the environment at any level of involvement.

On the eco-shout website you will find:

updates on environmental campaigns in each state the issues (info about the big issues in Aus) active groups directory (climate change, forests, water, nuclear etc) green directory (grass roots small green business) greenwash files (highlights eco-unfriendly green products and brands)

job vacancies listing board education and training (short courses and tertiary) volunteer networks

global events calendar for all environment groups in each state share housing network for greenies hitch a ride car pool network scavenger resource swapping network

Eco-shout is run by long term environmental activists, is free and is open to contributions and involvement from anyone in the community.

Take a look: (Vic) (Tassie) (NSW)

Sarah Day

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