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Relocalisation: Film Screening

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on June 18th, 2010

Source: Climate Action Calendar

Relocalisation:  How Peak Oil can lead to Permaculture

David Holmgren explains permaculture as a design system to relocalise our economies and communities in the face of the twin threats of Peak Oil and Climate Change.  In part I, David outlines the history of permaculture as a design concept and a global environmental movement in the context of the emerging energy descent brought on by the peaking and decline of global oil supply and the whole spectrum of environmental, economic and social crises. Relocalisation of our economies and communities is highlighted as the central organising strategy for creative grass roots adaptive response to the energy descent future, both to build resilience and capacity in the face of unprecedented threats, and grasp the creative opportunities from energy descent.  In part II, David uses his photos of examples of the diversity of permaculture design solutions from his own property Melliodora as well as the wider world of permaculture to show the scope and depth of permaculture design in the home, garden, farm, forest, community and ecomomy.

Manningham Carbon Rationing Action Group (CRAG) Discussion Group: Discussion led by Indy Lingham

Thu 24 June 6.45pm- 9 pm

Council Chambers
699 Doncaster Rd

Free Event; All welcome; Bookings Essential: 9840 4400 or

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