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Pride-of-Place: What Makes Cities Great

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on May 9th, 2010

Image: Glasgow by easymoneyrasta via flickr CC

After decades of decline, Chicago, Glasgow and Manchester are experiencing a renaissance. Different cities have different stories to tell. However, three ingredients are common across all these cities; people, pride and purpose. Come and hear why these three ingredients are important and how they will affect the future of Australian cities.

Join John McTernan and Grattan Institute on Thursday 13 May to discuss the future of our cities.

About the Speaker

John McTernan is special adviser to the Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, Secretary of State for Scotland. From 2007-8 he was special adviser to the Rt Hon Des Browne, Secretary of State for Defence and Scotland. He is a member of the National Economic Council Advisory Committee.  Previously John McTernan worked at 10 Downing Street for three and a half years. From May 2005 until July 2007 he was Director of Political Operations for Prime Minister Tony Blair. From January 2004 until April 2005 he was a Senior Policy Adviser in the No 10 Policy Directorate leading on regeneration, social exclusion, arts, sports, lottery and gambling.

John McTernan is also experienced as the senior political columnist, and lead writer, for ‘Scotland on Sunday’ and acknowledged as one of Scotland’s leading political thinkers. He has also written for the Guardian, the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph and contributed to a wide range of think tanks with many publications.  He has spoken and advised internationally, working in Washington, Baghdad, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and South Africa.

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