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No Impact November: Household Action Challenge

Posted in Events, Movements by Kate Archdeacon on September 17th, 2010

11 November , 2010to18 November , 2010

Source: Ethical Consumer Group

As part of our annual Household Action Challenge, we are taking on a ‘No Impact November 2010‘, and invite you and your household or community to be a part.  No Impact November is a collaborative community experiment to explore alternatives way of living with an emphasis on consuming less, sharing more and moving to a life with less oil dependency. Our goal is to reduce our impact and reconnect with ourselves, our families and friends, our communities and the land.  The specific week of the challenge will be from Thursday 11th to Thursday 18th November, however the whole month is one where an individual or household can take on different degrees and different aspects of challenge throughout the month.

Key principles (of the Household Action Challenge)

1. A Trial – It is an experiment for 1 week, so its not going to kill anyone if we don’t make it or do fall short in some way, yet at the same time given that it is only a week, we should ‘go hard’ and see what we can achieve.
2. Doing it together – Many people have tried this as an individual or household. It is quite a bit of hard work but all becomes easier when treated as a community exercise where we share discoveries together, work together, and are challenged together. We are supporting one another in learning good ways of living.
3. Preparation – Necessary if we are going to know our present impact is and not get unexpected suprises. This will include a pre-challenge audit, and systematic seeking of alternatives.
4. Sharing – In passing on our discoveries in a useful way, we decided to be ruthlessly transparent about our successes and struggles, and document these where possible.

Choose your challenge/s – Living beyond:

* Car – no car use for a week
* Power – no electricity for a week
* Fridge – no refrigerator for a week
* Food miles – no food beyond 100 mile food radius for a week
* Spending – no purchasing for a week
* Waste – no rubbish for a week
* Technology – no screen time, gadgets, electronic communication for a week
* Inequality – no water from the tap (or limit to global average) for a week
* Processed foods – no processed products – avoiding Cargill, agribusiness, the whole machinery, for a week

This list is just our brainstorm. You may have other ideas you’d like to explore.  Individuals or households will take on one or more components to make up the week challenge. Other ideas from ‘No Impact Man’ doco at

If you’re interested in being part of No Impact November, visit the Ethical Consumer website for more information.

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