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Melbourne to Copenhagen: A Melbourne Conversation

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 30th, 2009

Source: Melbourne Conversations

Melbourne to Copenhagen: What’s our responsibility for climate change?

With the Copenhagen conference unlikely to produce binding agreement on lower Co2 emission targets, urgent and ongoing local action on climate change mitigation efforts and adaptation measures is even more important. Catch up on the latest science on climate change, hear what is being done by organisations and individuals, and learn what needs to be planned for in the future and what you can do to help. Join in with the panel and have your say!

Time: 6 to 7.30 pm
Date: Wednesday 9th December
Venue: BMW Edge Federation Square

Panellists :

Moderator: Peter Mares, Presenter The National Interest, ABC Radio National – Peter is very good on this topic and a great moderator.

Hon Robert Doyle – Melbourne Lord Mayor – introductory and welcome remarks from. It’s my desire that he takes with him to Copenhagen from this public meeting the spirit of the people at the discussion and the knowledge that local people are getting organised around climate change challenges and actions.

Dr Kathy Alexander – CEO City of Melbourne – Kathy will discuss the important mitigation efforts and adaptation measures adopted by the Melbourne City Council.

Guy Abrahams – Former Director of Christine Abrahams Gallery, Solicitor, Presenter Al Gore’s Climate Project. Guy has a master’s in environmental science and lectures regularly on the causes and impacts of climate change and the role that the arts community can take in furthering awareness of these important and urgent issues. Guy will discuss the “sustainability revolution” and the leadership role the arts and creative industries can take in changing sustainable behaviour and influencing the reduction of GHG emissions.

Liz Minchin – Co-Author with NSW academic researcher Dr Donna Green of a soon to be released book “Screw Light Bulbs: Smarter Solutions to Climate Change” . Liz is an award winning journalist and currently is the news editor for The Age and was their environment reporter for some years. Liz’s manuscript is very strong on local actions that Australians can easily adapt and adopt. It will really be the first local book on practical actions and references much of what the CoM has done.

Dr Kate Auty – Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Victoria

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