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Are we on the edge of a ‘re-localisation’ revolution?

Posted in Events by CBiggs on November 3rd, 2009

VEIL and the McCaughey Centre are holding a one-day conference in Melbourne.

Localised Solutions: Building capacity and resilience with distributed production systems

This conference will explore the value, diversity and implications of a localised and networked approach to creating more sustainable and resilient critical services.

The past few years has seen an explosion of innovative responses to high oil prices, climate change and resource scarcity.  Many represent a fundamentally different approach to the traditional centralised systems we currently rely on. Energy, water and food are being delivered via networked, localised production and consumption systems that lower carbon, increase efficiency, build resilience and strengthen local economies. These ‘distributed’ systems offer an alternative infrastructure model that over-turns old ideas of how services can and ‘should’ be delivered. The evolution of this approach is just beginning but is already shaping our image of the future. Communities are adopting solar panels, wind generation, rainwater tanks and neighbourhood gardens – changing the built environment into a more diverse landscape where resources are generated. The concept of the individual as either isolated producer or passive end-user is also changing. People are redefining themselves as part-producers of critical resources, integral to a wider network of exchange.

The Localised Solutions conference is the first of many events to build interest and linkages between those pursuing new solutions for energy, water, food, transport and local economies. For a full list of speakers across a diverse range of topics click here.

Date: Monday 30th November, 2009
Time: 8:30 am  – 18:00 pm
Venue: Flagstaff Bowls Club, Flagstaff Gardens, Dudley St. West Melbourne
Cost: $99.00 (Incl GST) / Student Concession: $66 (Incl GST)
Registration: Download the application form or contact Sharnee Chislett on 03 9810 3146 or
VEIL Contact: Che Biggs 03 8344 0626

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