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Join the commuter revolution: Register for Ride To Work Day

Posted in Events, Movements by Elysia on July 20th, 2010

More and more Australians are joining the commuter revolution, and they want the world to know about it. Record numbers are registering for Ride to Work Day on 13 October, and are proud to proclaim their commitment to a healthier and congestion-free way to get to work. Ride to Work Day, the only nationally recognised event of it kind, provides a day in the workplace calendar for those thinking about commuting by bike to start or re-energise cycling habits deterred by the winter months.

Ride to Work Day registrations are crucial in ensuring the continuous improvement of bike facilities across Australia. Ride to Work Day spokesperson, Mr Max Goonan, said the biggest barrier to riding to work was poor facilities. “Registering for Ride to Work Day is a sure way for bike riders to make their ride count,” Mr Goonan said. “Registering your support is a critical means of capturing valuable data on bike commuting.” “We use this data to convince Governments and business that there is massive support for riding to work amongst Australians, and that it is time to get investment rolling to meet the burgeoning demand.” Bicycle Network’s Ride to Work twelve month behavior change program has been a strong influence in the dramatic increase of people choosing to ride to work. Ride to Work Day post-event surveys revealed that over 50% of those who weren’t riding to work in 2009 are now riding to work in 2010.

Register online for Ride to Work Day 2010 at

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