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greenest friday night drinks offer – good brew company

Posted in Events by edeano on September 5th, 2008

The good brew company has just launched the greenest and best drink option available outside of a brew pub or winery!!

We deliver (on trikes!) a keg (or two or three) of good brews… beer brewed with a minimised carbon footprint…we can also bring wine.

the bike bar... sustainably serving Melbourne since 2008

the bike bar... sustainably serving Melbourne since 2008

We set up a packaging free bar and train interested servers (you, your catering team, the boss!) to serve good (well) brewed drinks at your event.

Four reasons why the good brew service is good for your event:

#1 – It’s easy (that’s good):

good brew co. delivers multiple kegs to your event. No one needs to go on time or oil consuming trips to bottle shops, wineries or breweries…

#2 – It’s cost effective (that’s good too):

Craft Brewed beer from Victoria’s best breweries can cost less than $2 a pot with an order of two or more kegs! AND you can keep your left over beer(kegs) in your office kitchen or a cupboard for up to a month..(2 weeks for 20L kegs).

#3 – It’s tasty, healthy and good for you:

All beer is brewed locally to German purity laws
(no sugar or additives of any sort, traditional brewing techniques utilised). Goodbrews are unfiltered..meaning the vitamins and minerals in the yeast remain in the beer.

Unfiltered beer especially contains vitamin B (B1, B2, B6, biotin, nicotinic acid, folinic acid and pantothenic acid) removing your hangover before it even arrives!!

good brew co. also provides a filtered water solution….

#4 – & of course it’s as good (sustainable) as possible:

The beer is:

brewed locally by breweries with solar preheat or other innovative environmental measures in place.
delivered by bicycle to CBD or inner northern suburbs.o
served from reusable kegs into reusable glasses/bamboo which can be washed, rinsed and chilled at venue. ZERO WASTE created.

All service gear required will be provided for your event and is included in our quotation. More information about the good brew company can be found at or by contacting deano:

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and can offer beers from other local breweries with a sustainability focus.

Currently we offer:-

good brew company offers these delicious beers and can source many more...

good brew company offers these delicious beers and can source many more... – you are what you drink.