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Green Office Briefing: November & December

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on November 11th, 2010

29 November , 2010
7 December , 2010
Simple steps to green your office

The shift towards a low carbon economy and introducing environmentally friendly practices into the home has been embraced by Australians, with many people doing their part to reduce energy, water and waste consumption. However, a new trend is emerging with an increasing demand for businesses that embrace environmentally friendly practices. Consumers, suppliers and employees alike are choosing business that can demonstrate environmentally friendly policies and practices over those that cannot. The importance for businesses to adopt and integrate business practices that result in reduced carbon emission outputs is quickly becoming an essential business success factor.

The Green Office Briefing was developed for small to medium-sized and large business who wish to educate their staff to become more environmentally conscious and empower them to implement green practices in the office. The two hour briefing clarifies common myths around the usage of electrical appliances and is an essential guide to manage paper use, electricity consumption, waste disposal and purchasing attitudes in and around the office. The interactive hands on briefing empowers staff to take immediate action.

What will be covered?

* Myths and realities
* Identifying opportunities to save energy, paper, water use and waste
* Green office equipment
* How to use green office equipment
* Actions to reduce energy, paper, water usage
* Actions to purchase environmentally responsible office equipment stationary
* Actions to reduce your office waste
* Actions to promote sustainable transport


29/11/10: East Melbourne
07/12/10: East Melbourne

Visit the website for more information.

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