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Green Growth Markets: Design Victoria at the State of Design Festival

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on July 7th, 2010

Design Victoria: Green Growth Markets

Green and sustainable are the buzz words of the moment, but what is behind these trends? What products and initiatives are truly green?  Shifting consumer patterns and legislative requirements are driving new local and international markets for green products, materials, systems and services. Product designers, graphic designers, architects and interior designers will need to understand how to access and interpret this shifting marketplace for the future of their business.  Learn from our expert panel what is “green wash”, what’s coming up and how you can gear your business to be sustainable.

Thursday 15 July, 2010 Time: 1.30pm – 3.00pm Cost: $42.00
Royal Exhibition Building
9 Nicholson St
Carlton VIC 3053

Moderator: Tamsin O’Neill, Editor, Green Magazine

Tamsin O’Neill is the co-founder and editor of green magazine. She has been photographing and writing about architecture for 20 years. Green magazine was launched three years ago as a response to the demand for a magazine devoted to sustainable architecture and landscape design.


John Gertsakis, Senior Sustainability Associate, WSP Environmental

John Gertsakis is Senior Sustainability Associate with WSP Environment & Energy, a global energy, environment and sustainability consulting firm. John works across a range of areas including ecodesign, life-cycle thinking, product stewardship strategy and environmental communications.

Suzie Stanford, Director, Suzie Stanford Design

Suzie Stanford has been a hunter and gather of all things forgotten since she was little and used to join her grandfather searching for treasures and restoring them. She is inspired by the opportunity to rework abandoned things not usually connected to provoke thought, create humour and use the celebration of colour to make the viewer smile. She draws inspiration from the discarded and is inspired to give items new charm.

Alex Fearnside, Team Leader, City of Melbourne

Alex Fearnside has worked for the last 14 years on urban environmental issues, covering area such as design for the environment, triple bottom line reporting, and resource efficiency. He has worked for the Federal Government, for The Climate Group, and as a product designer for Philips.

More information and bookings, visit the website.

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