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Future Stories: Real Good News at SLF

Posted in Events by Kate Archdeacon on February 17th, 2011

19 February , 2011
10:00 amto11:00 am

Image: Sumith Meher via flickr CC

Had enough bad news? The Future Stories project keeps you in the loop with true, inspirational stories of Melbourne change makers.

A collaboration between a diversity of environmental organisations and progressive businesses, Future Stories aims to inspire profound and positive action within individuals and communities. How will we do it? By balancing the bad news we know about with the remarkable, true and genuinely good news of home-grown innovators you may not know about yet!

If you have found yourself despairing for the future you are not alone, and a key aspect of Future Stories is sharing real stories to sustain hope, passion and resilience in our efforts to create a sustainable world. We will be capturing and communicating stories which explore both the personal and organisational dimensions of change making. Our target audience is comprised of everyone who wants to make change towards a healthy sustainable culture on planet earth.

The project will be launched at the 2011 Sustainable Living Festival at 10am on Saturday 19th February at BMW Edge with Gilbert Rochecouste, placemaker and eco-city advocate. Gilbert will share the personal impulses that drive his vision and enable his effectiveness and resilience in the face of the challenges of the modern development industry.

Future Stories project partners: CERES, Village Well, the Sustainable Living Foundation, Integral Consulting, Scout Films, Be the Change, Moreland Energy Foundation, integralevolution and a number of Melbourne Transition Towns.

10am on Saturday 19th February at BMW Edge

Part of the 2011 Sustainable Living Festival

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