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Event – The World’s Ecological Footprint Sustainable Living Challenge Finalé – World Environment Day! 5 June

Posted in Events by Ferne Edwards on May 22nd, 2008

The average Australian needs about 4 planets to sustain their lifestyle. This is on average about 7.6 hectares of land each to provide the resources and dispose of all the waste we produce. This measurement is called our “ecological footprint” and it tells us we are consuming resources faster than they are produced or renewed. The Ecological Footprint seminar will challenge our thinking about our day to day life choices and explore how small changes can make a big difference to planet earth. Join EPA and Sustainability Victoria’s Margot Finn as we transport around the world in search of Manningham’s place on the ecological footprint ladder.

Homework: All participants are encouraged to complete the EPA personal ecological footprint calculator (one for each member of the family) —

Instructions: Please use the middle personal ecological footprint calculator that doesn’t require flash (10 mins). When you have finished your calculation click on the “email a friend” button (on the results page). Please email your results to Nigel Philpot— Nigel.philpot All individual results will be kept in confidence, only averages will be used as part of the evenings presentation.

Time & Date: 6.45—9.00pm, Thursday 5 June, 2008. (World Environment Day)
Bookings Essential: 9840 9129 or eepadmin
Where: Manningham City Council Chambers, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster.

~~~Free Ecological Footprint Gift Pack for all those who participate on the night!~~~

Nigel Philpot

Environmental Education and Community Capacity Building Officer

Manningham City Council

ph: 03 9840 9173

Ecological Footprint - Measuring out impact on the environment

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